Sunday, November 8, 2009

Something old into something new!

So I saved my old coffee can from lovely Trader Joes,
I knew that it would be good for something.
So first I took off the pesky label.

And then I printed this cute design
from a blog that I just stumbled onto.
(I'm excited to see what her other designs will be)
After I cut the paper to size,
I folded the paper over onto itself
(without creasing it)
to punch holes on both sides.

Then I wrapped around the container
and laced it up with a pretty ribbon.
It looked pretty good,
but needed a little something.
So I attached a label that reads
Stylos et crayons
(Pens and pencils in French)
everything is cuter in French..
Ta da..
My new pen and pencil holder.

P.s. I stuffed some tissue paper in the bottom,
in order to see the pens and pencils better.

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