Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Simple Thanksgiving cards..

So originally I bought these cookie cutters because they were like 2 bucks.. and I'm a sucker for cheap.. I was thinking where I was going to use them.. I wanted to make mini pumpkin pies and then cut out a shape from the pie crust to put on top.. a little leaf or pumpkin on top.. how fun.. but I just haven't gotten around to it yet..

 So I decided to make some simple Thanksgiving cards by dipping the cookie cutters in some acrylic paint.. I bought these cards from a wedding collection of Ms. Stewart's, so they already had the silver frame around them.. I just dipped the cutter into the paint and put it onto the card.. once I had set it down on the card I wiggled it around to make the shape a little thicker.. they dried in just a few minutes and then I stamped on my little saying.. all in all it took about 20 mins to make 8 cards.. I love a short and simple craft.. on a budget..

They may not be the most fanciest... but they have a quiet elegance to them =)

(P.s. I got a pack of 48 wedding thank you cards for about 4 bucks when they were on sale)

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