Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas Gifts..

So I am in the habit of making Christmas gifts for Christmas..
It gets so tiring trying to buy people things.. when they already buy themselves those things..
and gift cards are too annoying..
So I have been browsing around trying to find what to make this year..
I do love me some baked goods.. and I have been playing with the cake truffles to make them
more festive.. I made them with spiced apple bread that I found at Trader Joes..
Oh so delicious!
So I stumbled across a fun idea.. of making hot chocolate that you can give as gifts.. on the blog giverslog.com .. I cant wait to discover other gift ideas from this blog.. so excited!

chocolate homemade candy

I love the little labels.. and you could use different colors and flavors of chocolate to spruce them up for Christmas...

hot chocolate on a stick3

We will see how it goes.. and if mine end up looking as cute as these..

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